Process Capability

Production Ability,Ordinary(±)
Production Ability,Special(±)
Minimum or Min line spacing/line width(Single board) 0.05mm/0.05mm(After compensation 0.05mm/0.05mm
Minimum or Min line spacing/line width(Double board) 0.07mm/0.07mm(After compensation 0.06mm/0.07mm
Maximum Size(Single board) 610mm×1200mm(Exposure limit) 250mm×35m(Only Prototype)
Maximum Size
(Double board)
610mm×1200mm(Exposure limit) 250mm×35m(Only Prototype)
Maximum size for FPC with UV secure
Number of layers that can be made 1-6 layers 12 layers
Minimum thickness of product 0.05mm
Position Tolerance/Accuracy ±4MIL
Finished board minimum impedance tolerance ±10% +/-7.5%
Finished product minimum resistance tolerance ±10%/td> +/-7.5%


Bolion Tech specializes in FPC field for 16 years, concentrating on creating "core", strictly controlling product quality, actively researching and developing and producing environmentally friendly products, establishing industry environmental protection benchmarks, advocating peers to improve environmental awareness and creating "core" technology.
Certification Authorized Institution Certificate No.
ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas CNGZ301774-UK
IATF 16949 Bureau Veritas 286754
ISO13485 Bureau Veritas DNKFRC99772AA
E22871 E22871 E22871

Equipment List

Bolion Tech adopts internationally advanced precision equipment to provide customers with high-quality products and customer product competitiveness.