The second session of the flexible printed circuit materials conference held in xiamen


On 2011 April 20,  “The second session of the FPC materials seminar “was held in Xiamen. It invited general secretary, Wang Long-ji, and attract more than 30 industry representatives in Fujian and domestic several materials business representatives to participate.
The photo of our Chairman Wu Yong-jin, Chief Engineer Cui Wen-bin with Conference represent.
This seminar’s content contains technology and market aspects. The content contains the introduction of Cooling copper clad products (Suzhou "wu application technology Co., LTD) 
application of Heat dissipation and high frequency application soft board base material-liquid crystalline polymer material flexible circuit board in the flat panel display field (Taiwan the long and technology Co., LTD).CPCA current situation and development trend of the development of the industry (Wang Long-ji, the general secretary of CPCA).