Xiamen Bolion Tech shows new products on 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair

The 38th HK Autumn Electronics Fair was exhibited from October 13th to 16th; this fair was held twice by Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau every year.


As an expert in the field of FPC, Bolion brought new products to the show, which attracted many professional purchaser and buyers. This new products shows Bolion high competitiveness in flexible circuit boards and rigid-flex boards; also shows their new R&D development on new energy industry and automotive battery.


Bolion’s frontier of technology improves reliability for new energy battery safety

Bolion’s special R&D team has dedicated to research on how FPC plays role in exchange data for power battery for many years. They has already found FPC solution for messy hardness, troublesome temperature collecting and bad circuit line safety for past BMS( battery management system).

Bolion’s FPC solution effectively improves electromagnetic safety on battery and utilizes power battery space greatly. Their solution is favored by many car enterprises and power battery companies. Theirs FPC products has been assembled into the whole vehicles now.